Crystal pinnacle

Tallreaching to the sky. The towerglows in the morning sunlight refractedthrough the crystalsadorning the outer walls. A miracle of constructionit standsan architects dreamslimgently curveda slight twistgravity defying. Created and builtfree form.No paper and plansNo blueprints or softwareJust perfectionHighlightedEnhancedby the glittering casing. Standing back nowto admire from all anglesthe single blade of grasscovered in the morning […]

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Still waters

Mind like water When tumultuous And stormyMind closed like the eyesAgainst the delugeAnd wavesChurning with frothAlways movingNauseating. The mind in a whirlLike a whirlpoolLike a spinning poolA vortexSucking all in to its mawAnd down to its depths. Even mild anxietyA mind of choppy waterMurkyOut of focusSilt disturbedTo cloud the issueAnd cloud the mind. Only when […]

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Chilled to the bone shivers where even external heat doesn’t penetrate. The ache deep in your body that feels like it’ll never be warm again. A coldness that starts from the tip of you nose to the bottom of your toes. Things to do. Places to be. Yet unable to function to think to take […]

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Grief The sorrowThe blacknessOf missing another. Though painful Let’s reframeand consider griefas unexpressed love. Sentimentsand feelingsthat you now can’t sharewith the one you loved.For they are no longer thereTo seeTo holdTo be withTo talk toTo share silence withAll the thingsyou so wish you could share The momentsThe experiences in lifeNo matter how smallThat you’d have […]

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The Last Star

Black turnsto a deep blueas dawnpeeps over the horizon. The silence of the nightleft behindas the chorus beginsbuildingto a crescendoof light and sound. The vastness of the skystretchesand flowsacross the earthlike an oceanwithout gravity. Light blushesmist risesand finallythe last starfades awaylostin the glare of our sunto sleepuntil its shift begins again.

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Sparkles of joy, sparkles of thoughts, shimmering, lighting up the world.  Sparkles flying free, fleeting in their essence.  And yet sparks that can ignite so much: flames of laughter, embers of giggles, an inferno of ideas and curiosity.  Sparkles to inspire lines of poems, sculptures and art innovation and experiments.  If you sparkle or know someone who does don’t stop, sparkle away, nurture the brightness.  The world needs sparkles so bright they leave pathways in […]

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The moon and the sun

The moon Alight In the dark of the night A sentinel Shepherding The myriad of stars As they graze Across the vast prairie Of the blackness. And slowly It puts to bed Each shining light One by one As the sun Begins to peep Around the Earth. Bright Whole Warming The sun Begins to brighten […]

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Sole mate

Sole mate Soul mate Just one They say To make you whole The other half Another half To fit Connect Entwine Till two Soul mates Become A single sole mate. For some They find each other For some The search goes on. Some find and lose Some lose and find Some incredibly lucky To live […]

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Wots it?

Just what are you wotsit; you cheesey cloud of deliciousness?  Tangy yet somehow sweet: a hidden skill you have that others should be warned of.  So beware! Pay heed!  You’ll never eat just one.  Soon the packet will be gone, and if that doesn’t scare you then listen and know; once touched and your hand has entered that flavour filled sleeping bag, every surface thence touched, covered it will be in tasty orange dust.  […]

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Thank you

Two words  that can mean so much, but also so little if not authentically said.  If real,  they aren’t enough  to express the feeling, the sentiment, the meaning, the giver wishes to say.  ‘Thank you’  seems so little to offer, to return for the gift, the love, the help, the actions received.  So let’s be clear: when ‘Thank you’ is meant, sincerity assured, then it describes the deepest feeling of overwhelming gratitude; of the closest […]

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I am broken. No longer whole. Split in to piecesemptyentropy from within Heart brokennot even a void left. The absence of nothingA broken human being Incapable of connectionNot deserving of joyForsakenand leftUnlovable Discarded. Shattered remnantsA thousand edgesso frayedthey no longer joinNo longer fit togetherSeparateShards and splintersSharpnessAnglesThat none want to holdto touch. A toy so brokenno […]

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Hugs are so important. The world always needs more.   They can mean so many things, and yet mainly two: it can mean thank you; thank you for what you just said, for what you just did, it was so important to me, so meaningful that I’m welcoming you into my space, against my body, within my arms.  A close and wonderful hug can also say: I am here for […]

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In the silence of the dark On the criss crossing paths Across meadow and field I lean forward In to the tension Of the chain And rope Behind me. And I’m followed Through the blackness By the tyre. Glutes on fire Lungs gasping Belt tight on my hips Push forward As if up a steep […]

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The joy.  The dance you do, moving where the wind takes you.  The slightest breath can change your path, sparkling in the light, iridescent, shining.  Even your surface moves with joyous colour and yet you are fleeting, a touch, a caress can make you pop, burst, droplets flung far and wide. And so dear bubble; you represent joy so well, never expecting it to last forever, but revelling in every moment, each time the […]

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As I sat yesterday In a queue of cars A woman caught my eye Late fifties At a guess. Not a beauty Not in bright clothes Not sashaying to be noticed But because She walked Hands in pockets Head down In a world of her own. So why? Why did she stand out? Because As […]

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What is despair  but the wasteland of the soul:  a void so empty of hope  that even the light that seeps through  has no warmth;  where all exits lead back to this place,  endings with no end. 

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Lakeland sound

Sitting on a rock Flat Comfortable Back against the wall Deep In the dale of Mose I’m surrounded By the Lakeland fells And for this moment I can close my eyes Shut out The glorious views And let the sounds Envelope me Seep in to my soul So I can absorb My happy place. First […]

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Maps are beautiful: Lines, colours and shapes; names to explore and wonder; woods, parks, roads and houses, all depicted in flat.  But for those who can read the contours,  the land, the world comes alive.  Places to visit and imagine. Names to puzzle on their origin. Ancient ways. Lanes of past centuries.  The map constantly changing, new creations over old, not always for the best but inevitable.   Growth has […]

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Cereal killer

It’s evening Nearly bed time But The tummy wants filling Something snacky To replete the nibbles And so It’s time For cereal Breakfast For supper However you like it Plain or frosted Honey or syrup Real milk Or squeezed nuts Whatever your preference Fill that bowl And pour the liquid Then dig in The smell […]

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Glass Bottle

What an amazing thing you are.  You contain, preserve, hold such wonderful things.  You take so many shapes and sizes.  You are angled and square; rounded and squat;  smooth and shapely; heated and moulded from granules of sand powder to liquid to solid.  Sometimes you are even made from yourself,  cleaned, crushed, reformed, reborn to live again in another time for another use.  Cycling,  recycling your purpose.  Never complaining. Never dissatisfied with your […]

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